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Тренинг-центр ISsoft начал подготовку сотрудников офиса в Болгарии

22 июня 2020

Тренинг Junior Manual QA провели преподаватели Тренинг-центра ISsoft для болгарских коллег.

– Тренинг-центр ISsoft стал осуществлять глобальный сервис по подготовке специалистов компании. Теперь коллеги из Болгарии смогут получать знания вместе с остальной командой ISsoft. В 2019 году мы занимались организацией, настройкой процессов и даже провели специальный .NET курс для двух разработчиков из Софии. В 2020 году мы официально начали подготовку наших специалистов для болгарского центра разработки, – поделился новостями руководитель Тренинг-центра ISsoft Олег Фридлянд. 

В конце марта для коллег из Софии начался тренинг Junior Manual QA, который проводила Quality Assurance Engineer из Минска Юлия Дикун. Тренинг проводился на английском языке.

Лучше, чем студенты, о программе обучения не расскажет никто. Поэтому мы попросили их поделиться впечатлениями и рассказать свою историю прихода в QA.

A few years ago, a friend of mine started working as a QA and gradually went deeper into software testing. It was from him that I’ve learned about QA as a profession. What he told me about QA’s work made me interested, so I decided to enroll and go through a software testing course. Going through the course, my interest grew stronger. After receiving a software testing fundamentals certificate, I had serious motivation to learn more and joined Coherent Solutions’ QA team. Then the training began, which was led by good QA specialists from ISsoft. We went through all the stages of software development life cycle and software testing life cycle, testing principles, testing types, test case writing, tools and so on. The coaches were clear, precise and consistent enough, which helped me get a very clear idea of the process. Along with the presentations, there were practical tasks that also helped me a lot to understand the actual practical activities. Julia Dikun was my training mentor. She has done a great job of giving me feedback to correct my errors after the tasks and this improved my understanding and knowledge. All the trainers were ready to answer questions that occurred during the sessions.

I think that the training was very useful for me and want to say great thanks to all the involved QA colleagues from Minsk!:)”.

 Daniel Petrov

“I worked as an accountant for six years in a big company. It was a very interesting job for me when I started. However, over time I became a little annoyed with it, because I learned everything about the job and the thrill was gone. Also, new technology and computers are my soft spot. So, I began to look for an opportunity to start a job in that field as I know it was something that evolves non-stop and I will never be bored of it. I was thinking what the best profession for me is, if I start a job in the IT industry and during my research I found out about QAs. This was perfect for me. It is the type of job that I find truly pleasant. I began to prepare myself for this job by reading everything that I could find on the internet. But there is too much information and without guidance this could never work out, so I started courses for QA training and now I’m part of Coherent Solutions.

When I became a part of Coherent Solutions’ team I was nervous, whether I was fully prepared to work on my own, because I knew there were so many more things to learn as a junior QA. Fortunately there was nothing to worry about because I had to go through training in the company and every question that I had was going to be answered. The training program was divided into 14 tasks that gradually became harder and harder. It started easy enough with materials that had to be learned. 

Gradually we started Zoom meetings with our trainers and during the lectures we got to know each other better. Some of the things that we’ve discussed during the training I already knew, but new material was also presented to me. I never knew that I would be so happy to have homework. For me this was the best part, because eventually these were the things that I would do on an everyday basis. Moreover, instead of being given only theoretical material I also could practice it on real projects. Of course, not everything went smoothly, but our trainers were always there to help. During the training I got familiarized with the tools and systems that the company uses and had a glimpse of what my everyday work would be like as a QA. Everybody, from trainers to colleagues, were very patient and approachable whenever I had a question. The final task was a test to find out how much I have learned during the training, but also a test for the trainers to figure out if they were able to present the information in a way that I can understand”.

Yordan Tomov

Ребята уже вливаются в работу на большом интернациональном проекте в медицинском домене. 

Тренинги для коллег из Болгарии будут проводиться по востребованным направлениям на постоянной основе. Сейчас идет подготовка Front-End тренинга и процесс собеседования кандидатов для тренинга по Java.

Выражаем благодарность за содействие в организации работы Тренинг-центра директору болгарского филиала Boyan Antonov и Software Engineer Angel Todorov.