BI Developer (Real Estate sphere)

Company Background

Our clients is a marketplace for sharing and renting office space, a sort of an “Airbnb for office space”.

Project Description

Our app dev team is working on an application consisting of a WebApp with background workers and Mobile apps (Android and iOS) with a dedicated API server. The company and application are constantly growing and adapting to market demands.


The development work is delivered using Agile, with weekly releases. The company was founded 10 years ago, so it has grown into a high-loaded project with a large user base. This requires searching for solutions that are not only working, but also performant.


In addition to the applications there are huge number of external service integrations (Zapier, Hubspot, Pipedrive and many others). Despite it being “old”, the team and client keep its technology stack up to date. This role will help support analytical/data processing activities requested by the client.

MS SQL Server
VBA scripts for Google Sheets
Job Requirements
  • 3+ years experience;
  • Experience with MS SQL Server, SQL, ETL using SQL, SSIS (Potentially other tools like VBA scripts for Google Sheets);
  • Experience with visualization tools (client uses KlipFolio, but that knowledge is not required);
  • Candidate should be proactive in their day-to-day work, able to identify areas for improvement and provide recommendations to the client;
  • Spoken English level should be Intermediate+;
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