ISsoft has a current position open for a Big Data Engineer to work on a new project (Digital Marketing sphere).

Company Background

Our client is a leading software provider for converged TV and video advertising. It empowers marketers, agencies and media companies to make smarter advertising decisions and optimize their digital video and TV advertising by simplifying big data.

Project Description

We are looking for a talented candidate to join Data Team which is responsible for the whole data lifecycle: from collecting and cleaning raw logs and third-party data (15 TB daily) to preparing a variety of reports for both internal and client’s usage. Our team helps to get insights from data and make targeting for advertising campaigns as accurate as possible. We are constantly working to find a balance between delivery speed, algorithms accuracy and cloud infrastructure cost


If you are passionate about distributed computing, large-scale data pipelines, our project is your arena to join a world-class team of engineers to innovate leading-edge solutions.




  • Support, manage and develop large scale ETL pipelines;
  • Implementation of fault tolerant and robust spark streaming & batch jobs running on EMR;
  • Performance optimization;
  • Work with DevOps team to streamline deployments and cut infrastructure cost;
  • Work on reporting and orchestration tools written in Java;



  • Assess new technologies and see how they fit to the existing architecture and business needs;
  • Develop and prove new architectural solutions;


Team work

  • Direct work with client to gather requirements for ongoing development;


Keep it running

  • Troubleshoot application operational issues.
Spark streaming
Job Requirements
  • Strong knowledge of common algorithms and data structures;
  • Strong communication skills;
  • Experience developing robust and fault tolerant ETL pipelines;
  • Experience with Hadoop, Spark on YARN;
  • 2+ years of experience with Java or Scala;
  • Experience with Amazon Web Services;
  • Proficiency in relational databases;
  • Experience with Aurora, Snowflake, Looker is preferred;
  • Proficiency in NoSQL databases is preferred;
  • Experience with Linux based operation systems is preferred;
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