Data Analyst (Renewable Energy Systems)

Company Background

Our client is an American clean energy supplier. Their mission since day one has been to make clean energy accessible for everybody.

In the US, most electricity comes from burning polluting fossil fuels. But with the client’s solutions, you can choose where your energy comes from. The company makes sure all the electricity you use is replenished on the grid with 100% wind and solar from your region.

Signing up only takes a few minutes. Your utility company stays the same, and they will still maintain your lines and provide your bill. No service calls, equipment, or installation are needed.


Project Description

Our client uses multiple sources of data and data flows for automation of such procedures as clients support, billing, getting analytics, advertisement, communication with end users and energy distribution companies.


UML Basics
Job Requirements
  • Good English;
  • 3 years + experience in data analysis;
  • Understanding of business processes related to marketing, customer service and financial/billing operations to be able to create process flows and define new data-exchange requirements;
  • Defining and documenting highly technical data requirements in the form of data mappings (rich metadata including data types, technical data field names), data models (conceptual/logical modeling, traditional ER modeling and some light star-schema modeling potentially);
  • Helping with defining of test/validate the mappings that are implemented at the code level;
  • Analyzing existing databases and code to understand the current state of data platform;
  • Nice to have: technical background or marketing background, finance/billing systems background (example Zuora and Sage Intacct), EDI interface development;
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