Data Engineer (Recruiting sphere)

Company Background

Our client is a company that offers solutions using Big Data and AI for the efficient search of highly qualified IT specialists. The client’s platform is focused heavily on the most in-demand jobs (cybersecurity experts, AI engineers, etc.) and can not only assess capabilities and job fit, but can also match an individual with the actual makeup of the team being hired. The system has been able to help recruiters more than double the quality of candidates they can find, and its “attractiveness algorithm” gives companies almost 50% more likelihood a hard to find candidate will accept a call or consider a position.

Project Description

The existing system has been focused on supporting  internal recruiters. The internal system is currently used to define the client, the clients projects, and job requisitions. They also use the system to conduct the search, review and approve individuals for further processing and handle the interface to our outreach process.

Job Requirements

We’re looking for a seasoned Data Engineer who will take a lead in creating an effective and scalable architecture for data ingestion and pre-processing pipelines aimed to deliver structured and cleansed data to Data Science team. One should possess the following skills:


  • Strong SQL;
  • 2+ years of experience with Python;
  • Exposure to cloud computing (AWS, Azure, or GCP);
  • Exposure to Data Science;
  • Experience with data modeling and managing data transformation jobs;
  • Strong ability to collaborate with cross functional teams;
  • Good English;
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