Company Background

Our client is a company dedicated to improving fitness and offering its customers a healthy way to live.  The company operates hundreds of premium health clubs and spas in North America; sponsors various races & athletic contests; and provides athletic training and nutritional coaching services. More recently the company has expanded into the co-working industry and living facilities.

Project Description

The client would like to assemble a cross-functional team focused on helping them deliver AEM-based projects, which include (but are not limited to) the following:

  • AEM Upgrade (v6.3 to v6.5);
  • Membership Simplification;
  • Scale Email;
  • Additional projects;

Stack / toolset


Mac/Windows development


  • Eclipse IDE;
  • MS Visual Studio Code, Atom, or Brackets;
  • We have used locally managed AEM environments, Docker and Virtual Machines;


AEM code base


  • Node JS – for compiling and minification sass and typescript code;
  • VueJS and jQuery front end;
  • Use the Flux pattern for JS stores;
  • Slightly/HTL for components;
  • Use WCMUsePojo / SlingModels;
  • To dynamically populate variables in the components content {{object.variable}} we utilize serverside Handlebars;
  • Junit for unit testing 50% testing coverage;


Adobe AWS hosted AEM


  • int, qa, stage, and produciton;
  • ssh access to lower environments;


Fastly CDN


  • custom VCL (variation of Varnish);


MuleSoft for external API development


  • transformations;
  • Hibernate for working with database;


Coding Standards


  • Sun Standards with CheckStyles;
  • Fairly standard eslint;


Coding Evaluation (vulnerabilities, duplications, bugs)


  • No commits to Master or Development branches without pull requests and code reviews;
  • PMD;
  • SonarQube;


Frontend / Teams


  • We have multiple teams who contribute Angular and Vue SPAs to AEM as an integration;
  • We follow the same pattern for our own frontend dev;
  • We want the developers on the AEM to gain knowledge and experience to be able to contribute to all areas of the code base;




  • Bamboo deployment;
  • MVN;
  • NodeJS;
  • Custom bash scripts;
  • Continuous Integration;
  • Scheduled Deployments;




  • Standard AEM;
  • Author > Publisher > Dispatcher > CDN;
Job Requirements

We are looking for an AEM 6.x Developer who understands how to deploy, customize and extend the AEM content management system. Someone who understands pattern-oriented development practices, object-oriented design, and web application frameworks would have a good foundation for what this position requires. This candidate will be solutions oriented with their approach and able to collaborate cross-team to achieve the best outcomes.

  • Translate business requirements into technical implementation within the confines of the Adobe AEM framework;
  • Provide level of effort and implementation timelines as required by the Project Manager;
  • Manage risk and promptly alert Tech Lead or Project Manager of potential issues;
  • Communicates with all team members in a collaborative environment;
  • Uses industry standards and best practices to implement solutions;
  • Focuses on developing innovative, scalable, and efficient software;
  • Follows and adheres to the team’s development methodologies;
  • Comprehensive experience developing components, pages, and bundles utilizing AEM 6.x;
  • Strong understanding of JAVA, JSP, CRX, JCR, Felix, OSGi and other technologies involved in deploying solutions based on the AEM framework;
  • Understanding of front-end technologies and libraries including JQuery, ExtJS, JSON;
  • Understanding of OOP concepts, development patterns, computing complexity and algorithms;
  • Understanding of design and coding across all tiers in n-tier application development frameworks;
  • Strong problem-solving abilities and an aptitude for learning new technologies;
  • Must possess interpersonal, group discussion, decision making, conflict resolution, and facilitation skills;
  • Strong organizational and prioritization skills;
  • Self-motivated, creative and strong sense of accountability;
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